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尊龙现金在线网址: WEEKLY REVIEW (September 3 - September 9)

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China to Set up Stock Exchange in Beijing

President Xi Jinping has announced plans to set up a new stock exchange in Beijing in 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services on September 2, aiming to create a platform for innovative small and medium-sized business owners.

World's First New Energy Distributed Compensator Launched

The 330kV Xuming Transformer No.1 compensator at the Hainan New Energy Base in China's northwestern Qinghai was officially put into pilot run on September 2, marking the utilization of new energy to support safe and stable operation of large power grids.

China's First Land-based Test of 500m Saturation Diving Succeeds

The Ministry of Transport announced on August 31 that China's first land-based manned experiment of 500-meter saturation diving has been successfully completed.

AG600 Amphibious Aircraft to Perform First Airshow

China's independently developed AG600 large amphibious aircraft will perform its first airshow flight at the upcoming Airshow China, according to its developer, the Aviation Industry Corporation of China.

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China Ranks No.1 in the Full-time Equivalent of R&D Personnel: Report

The full-time equivalent of China's R&D personnel has seen a rapid growth in 2020, and ranks No.1 in the world, according to China Science and Technology Talent Development Report (2020) released on August 27.

China was in the front line of the epidemic and made key contributions to the scientific community

China held a ceremony in Beijing?for?honoring people fighting COVID-19 with national medals?on September?8.?To?know?more?about?the?international?reactions,?Science?and?Technology?Daily?Reporter?Zhang?Jiaxing?interviewed?Dr. Lawrence Banks?and Dr. Alessandro Marcello?from?International?Centre?Engineering?and?Biotechnology.

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